Basically everyone knows, what to do in a recording studio. You record something. Sometimes loud and agressive music, sometimes silent, laid-back or romantic songs. One thing should be clear from the beginning: We are not an advertising studio.

We make music, with our hearts and our souls!

Guitars, drums, bass, keaboards, strings, brass, vocals … Rock, Pop, Blues, Jazz, Classic, Electronic, Dance … live, overdub, one take, analog, digital … there are so many possibilities to eternalise great music, but the main part of the sound is produced by the musician in front of the microphone and our job is, to record each musician's special sound with that certain something and big passion.

Therefore you need the right atmosphere in the studio, a good mood, communication and a fusion of everyone involved, working together to reach one aim: An awesome record!

To create a real work of art and to give each musician the space and safety that he or she needs in the studio to feel free, you need to be enthusiastic and be a part of the whole thing.“ (translation) Thomas "toma" Barth

Live Studio Sessions

One week in the studio and the new LP is done! Without a safety net, no overdubs, no „fix in the mix“, we do it one take. You give is 2500,- € and you get the complete master and a video. To make this experience complete, enjoy Hamburg, play a gig and it's a perfect band vacation. This is nothing for beginners, this only works with real good bands!


Our prices aren't calculated per hour! Our way to work is to have a look on each project, visiting you in the studio or at a concert and then we can speak about the price. Maybe it takes a bit longer, then we thought, but we won't change the price, then.

Just call us or send us an email for detailed questions!